Nine Traits of Under Earners

Pretty much most people I meet would like to have more money, and as a result have more freedom. Are you one of them? Would you like bigger pay-rises and bonuses, or to generate more revenue and profit for your business?

MoneyWhen it comes to having more money the first thing that needs to change is your mindset or psychology around money. It’s not pre-curser to earning more, but without making shifts that level you’re unlikely to sustain it or will undoubtedly sabotage yourself in some way and end up back at square one. Read any wealth or money book and your ‘money beliefs’ will be the first thing that they suggest you work on. It is the first step before you even start thinking about the ‘how’ of making more money.

So to get you started here is are some traits of under earners from one of my favourite wealth and money authors, Barbara Stanny:

The Nine Traits of Under Earners are:
(From: Secrets of Six-Figure Women, by Barbara Stanny)

  1. They have a high tolerance for low pay
  2. They tend to underestimate their self-worth
  3. They have a willingness to work for free
  4. They are lousy negotiators
  5. They practice reverse snobbery (People with lots of money are: greedy, obnoxious, (you fill in the blank))
  6. They tend to believe in the nobility of poverty (money is not spiritual)
  7. They tend to self-sabotage themselves regarding money
  8. They subjugate their needs for others
  9. They tend to live in financial chaos (don’t have a handle on their finances, are in too much debt, etc.)

Having read through these, take a moment and see which are true for your – or even just partially true. The create a plan for changing them. Many of these traits will be deeply ingrained, so this won’t be easy. However, make a commitment today to changing your financial future and kissing goodbye to under-earning! Reading Barbara’s book (details below) would be a good start. (And yes gents, even though it’s written for women, there’s still lots of great learning that you can apply too, so get it on your book shelf!)

Want to find out if you are are an under earner? Then take Barbara’s under earners quiz here:

In addition to making use of the great wealth education resources on our blog, I’d also highly recommend following Barbara. As I said, she’s one of my favourite wealth and money educators. You can read her blog here: and follow her on Facebook and Twitter using the links below:


Live long and prosper!

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